Does This Hold Up

A comedy podcast about movies. Jamie and TJ review films from the past and find out if they still hold up.


Hosts: TJ and Jamie


Welcome to “Does This Hold Up”, a comedy podcast where hosts, Jamie and TJ, dive into the archives of old movies. No, we aren’t talking about the boring black and white films that your parents raved about. We are talking about the VHS tapes that you love and remember as a kid. Remember those movies that we all thought were years ahead of their time? Every week TJ and Jaime pick a film from their past, analyze it, and tear it to shreds. Only then, will the age old question be answered: Does This Hold up? In addition to the weekly podcast, “Does This Hold Up” performs in front of a live studio audience at the Arcade Comedy Theater with special guest performances, prize give outs, and audience participation. Give it a listen, and figure out if those movies still hold up today.

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